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We offer a highly secured payment method for both buyers and sellers such that your customers are safe to make payments for goods and services on your shop. 

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Pay nothing to list your goods, that means unlimited space to list your goods

Commission Charges Range from 6% to 13% Depending on the Store Options selected and If you allow Affiliates (third parties that market and sell your goods)


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


When am I paid for my sold product?

Each store has an e-wallet where funds from sales are applied.  You can request payment at any time through the withdrawal provision.  Account balances have to be greater than K500 to initiate a withdrawal.

How much commission do I pay for goods sold via Dot Com Zambia?

For every transaction we process on behalf of third parties, Dot Com Zambia will receive a transaction fee ranging from 6% to 13%. The exact percentage will vary and is negotiated based on the type of seller and if affiliate marketeers are being used.

What about VAT, do you add VAT to my prices?

Value Added Tax is defined by ZRA as a consumption-based tax that is levied in the supply chain at each point where value is added to a good or service. Dot Com Zambia by definition is an extension of the third party seller not a new point in the supply chain. This is because Dot Com Zambia is not buying goods from the third party stores; it is acting as a sales agent and receiving commission payment for this service. Therefore the third party seller, who is VAT registered, is responsible for remitting VAT from sales to ZRA


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