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Marketing just became easier.


SMSpro by Dotcom Zambia

Get started today with the next big wave of marketing. Whether you are a small business or have growing needs, SMS is the best way to reach your customers where they are whenever you want. SMSpro enables you to take the marketing and conversation to your customers in the most personal way, right on their phone. 

Reach customers wherever and whenever. 

  •  Most consumers check their phones at least 5 times a day. From the time they get up to the time they sleep.
  • SMS has a higher open rate (much higher than email) - up to 90%.
  • Most consumers read SMS messages within 10 mins of receiving them (this compares to the days it takes to open email).
  • SMS is cheaper and usually more cost effective vs target reach.

SMSpro enables you to reach your customers with personalized messaging that is both real time and specific to the target customer. 

SMSpro Use Cases

Business Owners


Marketing Departments




Health & Gym Clubs


Security Company Alerts


Church Group News Announcements




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