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Smart Payment System

Move into the future with cashless contact card payments


Smart Card Payment Systems

Smart Card Payment systems provide efficiency and convenience for organizations and cardholders by removing the need to move with cash. These cards can be used in a variety of industries including hospitals, schools, insurance, supermarkets, football clubs, and filling stations.

Dotcom Zambia uses RFID and NFC based encoding to ensure that its smart card payment systems are both secure and safe to use. 

 Since a cardholder does not have to carry cash, the smart card system can cut down payment times significantly and reduce queues and delays in accepting payments. Depending on the application, a smart card can be topped up individually or for a whole organization using the payment system. 

For smart card systems to work securely, cards have to be printed by a secure printer that can handle the various security protocols that most smart cards use.

Benefits of a Smart Payment System

There are benefits to having a smart card payment system include the efficient nature of the system. All a cardholder has to do is hand over their card, and an attendant will tap it against a secure card reader and the transaction is completed within seconds. 

Some smart card payment systems need customized software and hardware to integrate with existing POS systems, however once  set up, cards can be printed using our service or an ID card printer that we can provide.

Smart Payment System

Where Smart Card Payment Systems Can Be Used

Hopsitals - For patients who want to save up money to pay for medical expenses.

Supermarkets - For frequent customers who purchase on a regular basis or as a loyalty bonus program.

Schools/Universities - For students to purchase food and supplies on campus without the use of a credit or debit card.

Football Clubs - For fans to purchase tickets in advance.

Filling stations - For customers who want to put cash in advance for their fuel needs.

Event Promoters - For event attendees to be able to purchase items without a credit/debit card or cash(* RFID wristbands may be used.)

Is a Smart Payment System the right choice for you?

Cashless payments are becoming more popular across the country and the region. If you are looking for a way to ensure and want to reduce the use of cash you can introduce a smart card system. It is essentially an electronic wallet that stores digital value based on a customers deposit e.g if a customer deposits K50 into their account, that K50 can be used to make purchases or payments to you using the smart card payment system. 

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Dotcom Zambia has extensive proven experience in building and installing smart card payment systems for businesses and organizations across all industries.

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