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How We Build Tomorrow's Technology Today

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Discover How We Built a Ticketing System for Bus Operators

Discover Book Now Zambia's approach to bus ticketing and how we built a practical solution for bus operators.
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Rebuilding Ticketing For Football

By building a modular system, we have been able to introduce electronic ticketing that meets our clients needs and provides accurate reporting.
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Creating a Cashless Payment System for Marketeers

A case study on how we built a smart cashless payment system and modernized a local market.

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Business Rewards for Everyone Else

An overview of our Business Rewards solution and how it can help your business reward your loyal customers.

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Retail Business Solutions for Today's Business Owners

mPOS is our suite of Point of sale solutions for businesses of various sizes. Read more about our suite range.

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SMS Marketing Platform

Book Now Zambia's SMS platform case study highlights how both commercial and non-commercial clients can benefit from a cost effective easy to use platform. 

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